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Calabria Treasures

Bring Your Calabrian Heritage into Your Home

Calabria Treasures offers authentic, "old world" specialty items bearing the rich character that comes with days gone by.


Our customers can count on a curated selection of items that honor family roots and a personal heritage; with an eye for detail, we celebrate our history through handmade items from our region, connecting these treasures with those of you wishing for a touch of vintage southern Italy to brighten up your home.

Every item is available for purchase via consignment.

Best offers are welcome on both individual items and bundled purchases.  

(For North America and Europe) SHIPPING IS ALWAYS FREE!


What Makes Calabria Treasures Special?

  • Perhaps your grandparents, great grands, or even your parents came from Calabria.

  • Did you promise yourself you’d visit Calabria one day but haven’t done so yet?

  • Consider having a keepsake treasure that was made in Calabria to become your own family treasure!

  • A portion of every purchase goes directly to local residents who traditionally have suffered great economic challenges.

  • At Calabria Treasures, we have a passion for unique and wonderful finds.​​​

  • Own a one of a kind piece of your Italian heritage at an affordable price.


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